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Parts Cleaners

  • Glo-Clean PFG70    All metal safe alkaline cleaner with rust protection
  • Glo-Clean PFG75    Butyl enhanced version of PFG70
  • Glo-Clean 530         All metal safe alkaline cleaner with extended rust protection capability
  • Glo-Clean BP          Heavy duty alkaline cleaner with butyl. Ferrous metals only
  • Glo-Clean 321      Heavy duty alkaline cleaner/stripper. Ferrous metals only
  • Glo-Clean DDC    Engine spray cleaner/degreaser, safe on all metals, plastics, and rubber
  • Glo-Clean 500S    Machine & coolant sump cleaner

Floor & General Purpose Cleaners
  • Whistle Clean LP    Floor & general purpose cleaner/degreser
  • Whistle Clean LP25   Ready-to-use quart spray bottles(12x1 case qty.)
  • Red Giant 500        Heavy duty low pH floor cleaner
  • Red Giant 700        Heavy duty, phosphate free, floor cleaner
  • Red Giant 900        Heavy duty, non butyl, floor cleaner

Rust Preventatives

  • Glo-Pro Syn10          Premium synthetic water-based dry film.  Flexible dilution rate for up to 12 months protection.
  • Glo-Pro Syn10PM    Ready-to-use version of Syn10.  Up to 6 months protection.
  • Glo-Pro Syn5            Nitrited rust preventative and grinding fluid.  Up to 6 months protection.
  • Glo-Pro 2100           Emerson appvd. soluble oil / emulsion cleaner.  Up to 6 months protection.
  • Glo-Pro WD30        Solvent based, water displacing, fingerprint neutralizing.  Up to 12 months protection.
  • Glo-Pro WD35        Thinner film version of WD30. Up to 6 months protection.
  • Glo-Pro 1701           Heavy duty, waxy film, for outdoor storage and overseas shipping, salt spray resistant. Up to 18 months protection.
  • Glo-Pro 20               Low viscosity, thin film straight oil. 6 to 12 months protection.

Machining & Grinding Fluids
  • Glo-Cool    Synthetic machining & grinding fluid. Chlorine free, hard water and bio-stable, excellent surface finish on all metals.
  • Glo-Cool Semi-EP   Premium semi-synthetic. Low foam, hard water and bio-stable, multi-purpose, superior cooling, and wetting properties. Longer machine tool and grinding wheel life.  
  • Glo-Pro 9100    Nitrited Grinding Fluid. Excellent Hermes Replica Handbags for Blanchard grinding operations. Excellent rust protection even at low concentration, low foaming. Can also be used in leak test tanks due to its clarity in solution.
  • Glo-Cool CG    Carbide grinding fluid.  Hard water and bio-stable. Low foam, oil-rejecting, resists cobalt Hermes Replica Bags leaching from carbide and prevents corrosion.
  • Glo-Sol    High performance soluble oil. Contains chlorinated extreme pressure additives and polar lubricity agents. Hard water and bio-stable, low foam.
  • Glo-Sol NC   Non-chlorinated high performance soluble oil.  Used on a wide variety of machining and drawing / stamping applications. Hard water and bio-stable. Good lubricity.

Metal Stamping & Forming Lubricants
  • Glo-Draw 9000   High performance chlorinated synthetic with high lubricity and corrosion inhibitors. Performs as well, or better that soluble oils. Use on steel, aluminum, stainless, galvanized.
  • Glo-Draw 2000   High performance soluble oil.  Contains chlorinated extreme pressure additives. Excellent anti-weld and die protection. Bio and hard water stable.
  • Glo-Draw 300NC   Non-chlorinated soluble oil. Excellent extreme pressure properties without the use of chlorinated paraffins. Bio and hard water stable, low foam. Use on steel, aluminum, stainless, galvanized.
  • Glo-Cut 2507   EP fortified straight oil for cutting, tapping, blanking, threading, drawing, stamping. Sulfur and chlorine fortified. For use on ferrous alloys. Contains anti-mist additive to minimize fogging.
  • Glo-Cut 2519   Non-chlorinated EP fortified straight oil for cutting, tapping, blanking, threading, drawing, stamping.  Contains Sulfur and Phosphorus extreme pressure additives and a high level of vegetable ester as well as anti-mist additives.

Misc. / Specialty
  • Neutral-D-Rust   Non acidic neutral pH liquid rust and scale remover. Eliminates the use of dangerous acids and caustics for rust removal. Flexible dilution range depending on severity of rust being removed. Use from ambient to 180F and 5-25% concentration. For use on ferrous metals in spray or soak applications.
  • Purge Plus   Non-acidic washer cleaner and descaling additive.  Add to spent alkaline cleaner baths and circulate 2-8 hours prior to dumping, to clean system of hard water scale and soil buildup.  Routinely use to maintain cleanliness to parts washers and dip tanks. Typical use: 2-10% at ambient to 180F.
  • Glo-Brite 3731   Burnishing and brightening compound. Slightly acidic (pH=6.4 @1%).  Designed to clean and burnish a wide variety of non-ferrous metals, while creating a bright lustrous finish. Use on aluminum, zinc, copper, brass, and coin alloys.  Contains no phosphates, chromates, or nitrites. Also inhibits steel media during use and overnight. Use at 1-2 oz. per gallon with water in vibe tumblers and deburring / burnishing equipment.
  • RusTardTM  Rust converter / retardant.  Converts rust into a durable inert conversion coating that prevents rust and acts as a primer coating for paint. Wide variety of uses on steel and cast iron surfaces. Brush, roll, dip, or spray, non-hazard.

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